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Affirmations For Musicians

Affirmations are statements that we tell ourselves about ourselves.

They can be either positive or negative.

If you have any sort of thought about yourself, you are already telling yourself affirmations!

“I am ugly” and ” I am pretty” are both affirmations, and both equally as powerful.

Once you tell yourself an affirmation enough times, your subconscious mind will begin to accept that statement as truth– which will then begin to affect your behavior in daily life.

This is because if you repeat a thought to yourself enough times, that thought will get stuck in your subconscious brain.

Your subconscious mind then works to manifest that thought into real life until it actually becomes reality because it is your subconscious’ job to creative consistency between your self-concept and the actions you do in real life.

Kind of like wiring your brain to subconsciously create in real life what you’ve created inside your head.

With this knowledge of the subconscious brain, people use positive affirmations to manifest what they want in life.

People will say things like

“I am full of health” when they are sick,


“I am rich” when they are struggling financially.

Basically, people will repeat positive affirmations to themselves in order to get the subconscious brain to form a goal and start wiring you behaviors and actions to turn that goal into a reality.

How Can Affirmations be Used in Terms of Music?

As a musician, you can use affirmations to get yourself out of a writer’s block or creative funk.

Or perhaps you’d like to manifest the end of your stage fright once and for all to finally put videos of yourself singing online like you’ve always wanted to.

It takes tough skin to put yourself out there in the music world, the best thing you can arm yourself with is a strong and positive mindset in order to set yourself up for success.

Here are the Affirmations You Can Use to Manifest Your Best Self as a Musician:

  1. My creativity thrives
  2. I am a musical powerhouse 
  3. I emit magic through playing music
  4. My sound is worth a lot
  5. My music is mesmerizing
  6. Musical opportunities come to me naturally
  7. I am entertaining to watch perform
  8. There is room for me in the music world
  9. I am proud of what I create, even if my ears are the only ones to hear it
  10. I like the musician I am, the musician I have been, and the musician I will be (this is a twist on an Ernest Hemingway quote)
  11. Music brings the right people into my life
  12. I am qualified for the career I want
  13. My music makes people feel good
  14. My music makes me feel good

Now Go On and Manifest Your Musical Goals to Reality!

As you go on, come up with your own positive affirmations to fit whatever it is you want to manifest into your reality!

Don’t just repeat these affirmations to yourself a few times and call it good! Actually try to envision your affirmations and believe the statements you say as if they are already reality.

You may feel silly doing it at first, but it is the best way to get your subconscious to work with you to achieve all your musical endeavors.

Also no, you don’t have to say these things out loud to yourself. I personally have a journal dedicated to my affirmations and I love it! It helps keep me focused and reflective on what I truly want as a musician.

Your Mind is a Powerful Thing

You have always made affirmations to yourself your whole life wether or not you were aware of it. Any positive or negative thought about yourself has the power to seep into your subconscious. Since you already have thoughts anyway, might as well use them to your advantage by allowing positive affirmations influence your subconscious.

Good luck, friends.

I’m sending you all love and light as you work for the musical reality you’ve always dreamed of!

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