Being Your Best Self as a Musician

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Something my mom said about the internet other day stuck with me.

She said this particularly about social media:

“The internet is so full of bad things…but it is so so full of good things too. You just have to choose to actively use it for good.”

She is so, so right!

The internet, especially social media, can be such a wonderful place if we allow it to be.

Here is how:

Look at all of your social media not as social media, but as an online vision board. A place to get ideas, follow like-minded people, and most importantly, be inspired and empowered.

Let’s focus on the Social Media Instagram in particular as an example.

After scrolling, do you feel inspired? Are your creative juices are flowing? Do you feel empowered? If the answer is no, it might be time to clear up your feed.

Maybe you don’t need to follow old acquaintances from high school you never talk to anymore. Following unrealistic instagram models full of product placement maybe isn’t the healthiest for you either. You can definitely unfollow the feed just full of someone trying to sell MLM products. You don’t need to fill your brain with all this unnecessary gunk. You wouldn’t force feed yourself something that’s bad for you when there’s something good for you equally as accessible, would you? So why are you doing it online?

Instead, fill your social media feeds with authentic and inspiring people. Photos and captions that make you want to go out there and be your best self as a musician.

(This blog is centered around music, so that is the example I will be using. However, this mindset works for any career path and can be applied as such.)

Online, there are so many inspiring and talented musicians with smaller audiences that will blow you away with their passion for what they do! 

There are people out there who just from the bottom of their heart want to share their passion for music.

I swear, I know so so many people online who want to share their knowledge of their craft and help you. There’s a whole community of musicians online who are there to help/support one another and have your best interest in mind as well!

It’s there and it is beautiful. You just have to seek it out.

As soon as you change your mindset towards making social media your online vision board of what and who you want in your life, you will definitely see a change and develop an overall healthier relationship with social platforms.

I personally follow fellow music majors, artists, bloggers and a ton of other creatives, in addition to my friends and family. Basically, I only allow on my feed what I want to feed my brain daily. And I feel so much more inspired, creative, empowered and in control on a daily basis because of making this change. I hope you can try to implement this to your social media feeds and feel a positive change too.

Best of luck!

Wishing you light and love, always.

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2 thoughts on “How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

  1. Hi Sally,
    This is so true! When I was teaching high school, I was shocked to learn how different the social media experience can be for different people. My social media feeds have always been full of inspiring and/or informative content. For the majority of my students, this was not the case! It’s so important in all of life, but also specifically in social media, to surround yourself with positive things/people/ideas that will inspire and push you forward, not drag you down.

    1. Very well said, Rebecca! Social media isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon, so we might as well make the best of it and use it as a tool for success 🙂

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