Being Your Best Self as a Musician

Things to Do Before Your Morning Coffee That Will Make You A Better Musician

5 Minutes of Keyboard Practice

Run scales on a keyboard for 5 minutes. You can do this while your coffee is brewing!

No matter what your primary instrument is, it is always beneficial to have some keyboard knowledge because it helps you visualize notes and patterns.

Even just running one scale a day on a keyboard can go a long way, especially for improving your improvisation. 

Running pentatonic and blues scales in particular on a keyboard has made me a better improvisor. 

If you don’t have a keyboard, a piano app on your phone does the job just as well. 

Pro tip: once scales get old, try running licks in multiple keys!


Journaling about your musical endeavors in the morning can help you become a better musician by being more focused on your daily musical goals. 

Some ideas include, things you need to work on, get done, or want to achieve musically. 

I even have some music-specific journal prompts designed to get your creative juices flowing. To find those, just click here.

Do Some Ear-Training

For those like me who aren’t naturally gifted with perfect pitch can develop good relative pitch. 

I personally developed mine by using an app called “Music Theory Helper”. 

On this app, I would listen to intervals repeatedly to try to memorize their sound. Then I would do guess-the-interval exercises. The guessing exercise is actually a pretty addicting game to be honest.

(The app also has other music theory related exercises and resources to help you become a better musician too!)

Watch a Youtube Video

One thing I have started doing recently is watch one music-related Youtube video per day to keep me inspired. It can either be a video by an artist I really admire, or it can be a more thought-provoking and educational music video.

One of my favorite music channels is Adam Neely. He presents a lot of musical information in an easily-digestible and thought-provoking way. Adam has a really good way of making people who are already interested in music go even further down a musical rabbit hole. I feel 10 times more inspired by music every time I finish one of his videos.

Even just listening to an artist you feel really inspired by first thing in the morning over Youtube can set a good tone for the day.

Good luck in your A.M. endeavors to become a better musician, my friend!

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