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How to Support Musicians Who Have Been Impacted by the Pandemic

Musicians make the majority of their income by performing live. With all the event/social gathering cancellations due to Coronavirus, musicians are losing their income. Now, to be clear I am not talking about Billboard charting musicians here. I’m talking about your favorite local bands, the underground artist you discovered recently, anyone who relies on gigs to pay their bills. Here are some ways you can support musicians you love whose gigs have been cancelled due to Coronavirus.

(PS: this post was inspire by the Twin Cities Music Community Trust, which you can read more about here)

1) Buy Merch

Merch is often available on any musician or band’s website. You can snag a t-shirt or maybe you can find something more unique like lighters with the band’s logo.

2) Become a Patron

Many musicians have Patreons in which they offer exclusive content for their fans. Patreon is cool because it offers different tiers of monthly memberships. For example, musicians can offer behind the scene content for $1 a month, unreleased music for $3, etc.

3) Take Online Lessons

After schools in select areas temporarily closed due to Coronavirus, private lesson teachers are transferring over to Skype lessons for their students at those schools.

Skype/online lessons have been gaining more popularity over years as you are not geographically unable to learn from your favorite players. Plus, technology is so great nowadays you really aren’t loosing any value compared to in-person lessons.

4) Invest in a Course

Many musician make their own courses such as “How to Sing for Beginners” or “How to Play Jazz Standards”.

5) Buy a Book

Musicians (mostly music teachers) create their own physical or e-books on their respective craft. (Ex. Complete Guide to Beginning Technique on Flute)

6) Buy or Stream Their Music

Bandcamp is great for this! Or if you’re looking for a free way to give your favorite artists some love, streaming music is always a great free way to support musicians.

Thank you for taking the time to think about your friends in the music/entertainment/touring industry.

Stay safe out there!

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