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Hey there! I know the world has been on edge lately, and I hope you’re doing okay during all of this. This post came about because lately college students are converting to online-learning as campuses close due to COVID-19. As someone who has made the switch from on-campus school to online a year ago, I feel that I can provide some online college tips for students who are suddenly finding themselves in Zoom lessons.

Side note: I’m aware that this has been weird/disheartening to some students for such unexpected and quick changes to day-to-day life. I’m aware it may be difficult for some to focus on school right now especially if someone close to you has been impacted by the virus. My goal here is to share insight on how to make going from in-person school to online a smoother transition and to share knowledge that might help you out, even just a little bit, during these unusual times. These online college tips are just what has personally worked for me and may help you out too.

Tip #1: Change Out of Your Pajamas

Even if you’re just changing from your sleep pants to your quick-run-to-Walgreens leggings, changing your clothes can help switch your brain from rest-mode to okay-let’s-do-this-mode.

Plus, it’s not the funnest feeling in the world to realize you’re on day 18 of the same sweats. I feel ten times more proud of the work I produce when I am wearing clothes that make me feel confident and good about myself.

Pro tip: Fold your night-time pajamas and place them behind your pillow when you make your bed in the morning. This way you are (1) making your bed and (2) your pjs are easily accessible but not creating a messy pile elsewhere.

Tip #2: Drink Water

I found that sipping on water while working makes a world of a difference in my concentration levels.

If not water, sipping on coffee or tea also does the trick.

Tip #3: Don’t Work Where You Sleep

I’m sure you’re heard this before. But it’s true.

Working where you sleep can cause you to be more distracted while studying (since you’ve probably, like me, trained your brain to think laying in bed = phone time). Conversely, if you train your brain that laying in bed = productivity time, it may make it harder for you to fall asleep when you need to.

Tip #4: Do Your Assignments/Homework in the Morning If You Can

Not only is the world calm and peaceful before it’s light out, Business Insider wrote:

One early study of sleep and wake patterns from 1975 found that people’s capacity for logical reasoning generally rises from around 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., then falls off.

Plus, getting to see the sunrise is a nice treat.

Additionally, it’s nice to have schoolwork out of the way first thing in the morning so that you’re not having that stress hanging over your head and you can just enjoy your day.

Tip #5: Romanticize Your Study Sessions

This tip is probably the most up-to-interpretation.

Basically, I have found school work more enjoyable if I pretend I’m in my Elle-Woods-studying-for-law-school phase of life/pretending I’m in some kind of movie montage where the main character is working towards something better.

Whatever you can to make your study sessions nice for yourself, go for it! It could be lighting a candle, setting up Christmas lights, or playing a study-beats playlist. My generation lives for aesthetically pleasing things. If you can make your study space aesthetically pleasing for yourself, do it! Doing school at home is 10x more enjoyable when you enjoy the space you’re in.

Tip #6: Expose Yourself to Motivating Content

During quarantine, it can get really lonely. It can also be hard to find motivation when you’re alone. What I do is watch vlogs of other people who do online school. It’s oddly motivating to watch someone else study online and talk about it.

Additionally, there’s a sub-genre of Youtube of “study with me” live streams. It does help to have someone talking or studying in the background to help you feel less lonely and feel a sense of accountability. It’s not for everyone, but definitely something to consider.

And that wraps up my online college tips!

Until next time, please take care of yourself during this time. Wash your hands, self-distance, and call a loved one.

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