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April Music Favorites – 2020

Welcome to my April Music favorites of 2020! This month, I will be sharing some of my music favorites that I discovered while in quarantine.

#1: Jack Garratt

This month, Jack Garratt released an EP by the name of Love, Death, & Dancing (Vol. 2) and it is absolutely phenomenal. This, along with Vol. 1 is leading up to Jack’s album release on May 29th.

Listen, I have been a super fan of Jack since his 2016 album Phase. I’ve only really felt compelled to buy the physical copy of an album maybe like three times in the past few years, and Phase is one of them. Needless to say I was stoked to hear him announce a new album.

#2: Ashley Sonlin

Ashley Sonlin has one of the most rad TikTok accounts I’ve seen on the app. Her expertise is in artist management and publishing. So naturally, she does music business related videos on her TikTok.

She created this awesome video series explaining the different roles of a musician’s team, in an easy-to-digest way.

I think this is so cool, especially for the younger audience on the app who may take an interest in the industry.

#3: Ashe’s Cover of “Life in Quarantine”

For this one I’m just going to let the video speak for itself.

#4: This Rabbit Hole

So, this isn’t anything new by any means. But I recently fell down this rabbit hole of people who upload videos to YouTube of slightly distorted versions of popular songs accompanied by a photograph. The catch is, they title the video with scenarios about why the music is distorted/purpose of the photo. Here are some of my favorites from this rabbit hole I fell down:

These pretty much effectively give me nostalgia, or bring me into a different world completely.

And that’s it for my April music favorites of the month. See you next month!

Ps: Here is all of the past posts in this series. Feel free to wander around as much as you’d like.

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