Hey, I’m Sally!

Welcome to my music blog

I built this music blog to inspire and empower those navigating their musical endeavors in 2020. 

Here you will find resources on how to be your best self as a musician. 

These resources range from listening recommendations, to lifestyle tips & tricks, to learning resources, to any general music-related topic that I feel could benefit fellow music makers. 

A Little Bit About Me

I am 22 and I live in the Pacific Northwest. 

I’m one year away from my Bachelor’s in Music Business and I currently work in the online distribution realm of the industry.

(And in case you were wondering, lavender lattes are the way to my heart.)

How It All Started

This blog started when I was 20, after I was struck by a car when I was walking in a crosswalk. 

Following that accident, there wasn’t much I could do beside lay in bed and go through the long process of healing. 

So, in order to keep myself entertained and feeling fulfilled while my body healed, I created a new musical endeavor for myself that I could do from my bed.

Thus, My Music Blog ‘Caffeine Fueled Dreams’ was born!

Now let’s rewind.

Out in Arizona, I started playing the flute in 4th grade. 

(I actually still have and use that same flute to this day!)

I remember in middle school, there was this flute blog that I absolutely adored! It was a music blog completely dedicated to transcriptions of pop songs for flute.

(This was around the time Katy Perry was the biggest pop star).

Basically, I would spend hours and hours on that blog, just playing along.

 The flute was just something I absolutely adored! It was a toy, a creative outlet, and a building block for my self-confidence, all in one.

Flash forward to my teenage years

I picked up the bari sax and fell in love. This is the point where I started taking private lessons, using babysitting money to pay for it.

In high school, I started playing in pit orchestras and fell in love with that even more. This was the point in my life I decided that I desired a career in the music field.

In order to broaden my musical opportunities, I picked up the clarinet and got my first paid gig in a pit orchestra.

And thanks to more babysitting money, I started learning the piano too.

Soon after, with the help of many music teachers who believed in me, I was accepted to McNally Smith College of Music.

So I packed my bags and went to pursue music in the Midwest

I spent two years there. In that time, I was deeply inspired by the Twin Cities music scene. I was surrounded with a community of people who shared the same passion as I. What a blessing!

While in the Twin Cities, I got the opportunity to play with a wide range of crazy-talented musicians, learn from real-world experience, and I even started tutoring at my college.

Unfortunately, the school ended up closing down in the middle of my degree program, at which point I made the decision to move out to the Pacific North West.

And now here we are!

Please wander around here as much as you like!

Take what you need from this blog and go be your best musical self! I’ll be here rooting for you and wishing you the best in your own creative endeavors.

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