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Since I operate out of the U.S., the copyright laws of the U.S. will apply to this site. To elaborate, in the U.S. all of my work is automatically copyright protected once it is created (see “Governing Law”). This being said, any writing on this website is my intellectual property and will be treated as such. Anyone may not use my writing without crediting me as the original author. I will also not use anyone else’s intellectual property as my own.

Limitation of Liability

This blog is here for fun and informational purposes! I am not here sharing any professional advice. That being said, do not take anything on this website as professional advice. I created this site to share my personal experiences. Some of those experiences may include things that have personally helped me or things I did to gain results. However, I am not responsible (or liable) for results that happen to other people if they chose to take any action in relation to my content on caffeinefueleddreams.com. For example, I may say in a blog post that doing yoga has helped my neck/back pain from years of playing the sax. If you try doing yoga after reading what you read on here and you do not get the same outcome as me (or hurt yourself trying to do yoga), I am not responsible for that outcome. Your experiences are your own and we might not share the same experiences! Basically, my site is here for entertainment, and not to be taken professionally. I am also not liable for any results that come from use of this website itself.

I allow comments on my website! (Also known as “User Generated Content”). However, I am not responsible of liable for what others post on caffeinefuleddreams.com. I will try my best to filter out inappropriate comments, but I wanted to disclose this just in case.

I am also not responsible for omissions or mistakes on caffeinefuleddreams.com‘s content. (Again, I am here for fun and to share personal music-related experiences, I am not here professionally).


I will block and/or terminate accounts that abuse any of caffeienefuleddream.com‘s policies. This includes (but is not limited to) inappropriate comments, spam, and user who plagiarize my content.

Governing Law

My site operates from the state of Oregon in the U.S., therefore the laws of the U.S. will apply to caffeienefuleddreams.com

Links to Other Websites

You might find links to other sites on my site! However, I am not responsible for what is on the websites of these links. If you want more info on a website I linked’s terms and conditions or privacy policy, you should check that of their website —as my terms and conditions and privacy policy only applies to caffeinefueleddreams.com.

Privacy Policy

Here my goal is to be transparent about information collected on those who visit my site. I use Google Analytics. Through cookies, Google Analytics gives me reports about caffeinefuleddreams.com‘s website traffic. This gives me information such as what cities/countries the site’s traffic is coming from, how many users are currently on my blog along with what kind of devices they are utilizing to access my site, which posts are doing well, etc. But do not be alarmed, Google Analytics does not allow PII (personally Identifiable Information), nor does it allow me to store an individual’s personal information. I use Google Analytics solely for the purpose of tracking activity on my website as a form of feedback on how my content is doing.

One thing you may notice about caffeinefuleddreams.com is that I require an email address in order to submit comments on my content. However, I do not keep email addresses, nor will I sell your information or spam you.

How to opt out: if you don’t agree with my policies as outlined above, you should not be accessing caffeinefuleddreams.com


CaffeineFueledDream.com‘s policies are subject to change. These changes may be posted without notice, however, you will be able to see the most current version of my policies, as is, here. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact me by clicking on “Contact”.